Curse you Coach Recap and Reminder...

Ok, for those who haven't started my December 'Curse your Coach' challenge for whatever reason, I just wanted to let you know it's never too late to start - like NOW people!!! It is nearly Christmas after all and who doesn't like to go into the holiday period feeling good about themselves - in every way :-)

Here is the link to the original rules of the game with the daily challenges and cringe-worthy jokes you may have missed so far below - extra points for the person who catches up all in one day - and there will be a prize for the funniest/most interesting/whacky contribution...

Day 1 - Pick someone you don’t know from my Facebook friends and send them a message introducing yourself and telling them how you know me!

Two blondes walk into a building……….you’d think at least one of them would have seen it.

Day 2 - Easy physical intro – 50 squats. If you can do 50 then do 100, if you can do 100 then do 150…..

Phone answering machine message -”…If you want to buy marijuana, press the hash key…”

Day 3 - Eat 8 portions of veg and 2 of fruit today!

I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn’t find any.

Day 4 - Your legs should be aching from two days ago – do the same squats again!

I went to the butchers the other day and I bet him 50 quid that he couldn’t reach the meat off the top shelf. He said, “No, the steaks are too high.”

Day - Compliment a total stranger!

My friend drowned in a bowl of muesli. A strong currant pulled him in.

For all the up coming days, keep an eye on my Facebook page. Each challenge gets posted the day before so there should be no excuses wherever you are in the world…

Have fun and enjoy the challenge :-)

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