Fresh air experience

This time of year might just be one of my favourites; I love the summer heat and the colours of spring and autumn but there's something about the first snow outing of the season. Fortunately I live in a lake valley surrounded by mountains which means we get much milder weather at lake level while we have deep thick snowy conditions up on the high ground.

And so it was this weekend that a bunch of us, and of course our dogs, headed to the hills for our first snowshoe hike/fumble… There's a ski resort just about 45 minutes from here and just 2 kms short of that there is a smaller area with Nordic skiing, snowmobile routes and plenty of trails to snowshoe and let the dogs go mad together. Ours being a Vizsla with no undercoat and very little body fat was the only one to wear a fleece coat; at 20 months she's still too young to know when she's cold and would quite happily freeze to death as long as she was having fun!

The logistics of getting 7 people, 6 dogs and 3 vehicles to the same place at the same time was like herding cats so by the time those who needed to hire shoes had them and we were all ready to go it was already well into the afternoon. And being a cloudy day, we only had a couple of hours till dusk but it was plenty of time for our first foray together. It did help that we knew where we were going so we managed to get deep into the forest before turning round to come back. It would have been nice to have done a loop but unfortunately there are maps of the area's trails and although we were following 'blazes' on the trees, we had no way of knowing how far each trail would go - I think we need a full day, a GPS and a picnic to figure out some loops of our own.

Exercise - check!
Fresh air - check!
Quality social time - check!
Self care - check! 

Next trip is planned to be a night hike with all of us carrying a backpack of food, dry firewood and maybe just a small warming tipple or three...


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