Curse your Coach Challenge!

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes holidays, family gatherings and parties and most towns light up with the atmosphere of it all. But with all this can come stress, over indulgence, weight gain and a general feeling of 'falling off the wagon.'

So to combat the downsides of this time of year without losing any of the enjoyment I have put together a total health challenge for mind, body and spirit. I guarantee if you stick with it, you'll go into the Christmas holidays feeling better than you have for a long time!

The first challenge is to be performed on Monday Dec 2nd but will be posted on Facebook at 12:00 PST/20:00 GMT the day before to give everyone a chance to take part. The rest of the challenge will run in this vein for a total of 21 days in order for you to become the best possible version of yourself in time for Christmas and there will be a prize for the person who gets most involved and shows the best ‘spirit’. As Facebook seems to have its own agenda of who sees what, liking my page is not enough. To get all the tasks you will have to do the following; hover your curser over the word ‘Liked’ where a drop down menu will appear – click on ‘Settings’. Then click on ‘All updates’; that way you won't miss a post. Alternatively you can just go to my page everyday but let's face it, you won't remember will you… :P

How it works
  • Each contender will start with 10 ‘Free Pass’ points in order to have a ‘cheat day’ or to skip certain challenges. 
  • Extra passes will be given for inspiring or imaginative actions/photos – add comments and/or photos to each FB post. 
  • Each day I will post a cringe worthy joke – if you can beat it – one extra free pass. 
  • I will also post clues to obtain extra passes here on my blog so you will need to keep checking in - subscribe to my blog, (up on the top left!) and you'll get all updates by email. 
  • FIVE extra passes will be given to anyone who brings an accountability partner who likes my InSpiral Coaching Facebook page and joins in the challenge.
The rules (or guidelines…)
Of course there are general rules as well as each day's challenge :-) And they are as follows;
  • Everyone must increase their physical activity level for the 21 days. If you don’t ‘workout’ at all try to add in a couple of days a week. If you’re a 3 day a week person, up it to 5. If you’re already on 5 days, increase it to 7 – it’s only for 21 days so quit your whining!
  • No alcohol for 21 days!
  • No fast food for 21 days!
  • No eating out for 21 days - one Christmas party is allowed free! 
  • No candy or chocolate for 21 days – small advent calendars are excluded.
  • Start each day with the juice of half a lemon squeezed into a glass of room temp water – first thing; it’s an awesome liver cleanser and starts the day on a healthy high! For an even better cleanse, add a dash of apple cider vinegar if you can! Smile as you drink it - you look so much better when you smile :-)
  • Each 'cheat' will cost you one ‘Free Pass’
These are the rules but the judge, (me!) is just as likely to be open to bribes. i.e. I'd rather see some good use of a vivid imagination/warped sense of humour here - with photo evidence where possible… ;-)

That’s it – for now…;-) (Remember you have 10 free passes; use them wisely and be honest – you keep score!) Good luck and have fun

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