9 reasons why you should work out at home

Ok so you may think you don’t have the space for it but hey, you’re only one body. You’ll be surprised how little space you actually need. Here are some answers for those ‘ other’ excuses;
  1. It’s not expensive. All you need is a mat, a few dumbbells and a good workout DVD. Two of my favourites right now are P90X and Supreme 90
  2. It takes less time. There’s no driving out to the gym when your time is limited; less time getting ‘there’ means more time working out! Workout first thing instead of sitting drinking that third coffee and you’ll find that getting up 30 mins earlier can mean as much as an hour working out and still leaving for work at the same time!
  3. It’s not weather dependent. You can’t be stranded due to snow, floods, hurricanes etc.
  4. You don’t need fancy/clean workout gear. Just throw on something loose and comfortable. Not showered or ‘done your hair’ yet? No problem.
  5. It’s not intimidating. There’s nobody there but you!
  6. You don’t need a baby/dog sitter!
  7. You can do it any time day or night. Nothing on TV, partner’s working late, can’t sleep – get up and ‘hit it’!
  8. Your warm up can be a walk in the fresh air, playing with the dog or kids or even just a jog up and down the stairs.
  9. The money you save by not taking out the gym membership you never use means you may be able to afford a workout plan and the occasional visit from a personal trainer – worth their weight in gold!
Now what’s your excuse??!!


  1. Great post and I've been doing yoga in my pj's for the last 16 days.

    1. Awesome, isn't it so much easier to motivate...

  2. I worked out at the gym for a year and never lost a pound. I started working out at home to my DVD's and dropped 20 pounds in no time at all!!! I got much better results in muscle mass and toning than I ever did at the gym!


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