Cooking with Mushrooms Recipe Round-up

Mushrooms seem to be one of those foods that people either love or hate, but did you know it is believed that there are more than 15,000 different varieties in the world. A mere 1% of known types will kill you and 25% are perfectly healthy and/or tasty to eat. Once you know the benefits of this awesome fungi you may want to start experimenting with recipes.

Some of the incredible benefits of Mushrooms include;
  • Eating just 1/2 cup daily can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women by anywhere from 60 - 75%. 
  • White mushrooms have also been found to reduce the risk of prostate cancer 
  • They are great for our immune system and are highly antibiotic - penicillin comes from a form of fungus itself
  • They produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, just like humans so when we consume them we're getting an extra dose of Vitamin D ourselves
  • They are high in Vitamin B which is needed to turn carbs into fuel.
  • Mushrooms are anti-inflammatory, are high in antioxidants and they also help to stabilize blood sugar.
They are however, very good at absorbing their surroundings and what they are grown in and as we absorb what we eat, organic mushrooms really are better for us than non organic - I hate to use the term 'conventional' for non organic as it has implications of normalcy and natural.

So on the assumption that we're highly unlikely to stumble across the poisonous 1% in our day to day lives, it really does seem to be true why they say - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger…  

Mushroom Barley Soup by Ceri from Sweet Potato Chronicles
Mushroom Bourguignon by Nicole from Arctic Garden Studio  
Mushroom Risotto by Anna from Your Healthy Place
Chilli Jam Mushrooms from My Foodbook

Wild Mushroom Salad from Kitchen Daily
Portabellas with Peanut Sauce by Ashley from {never} homemaker
Mushroom & Asparagus Pizza by Alissa from 33 Shades of Green
Lightened up Crockpot Beef Stroganoff by Heather from Shrinking Kitchen

Mushroom Zucchini Quesadillas with Cilantro Pesto by Kiersten from Oh My Veggies
Savoury Spinach Mushroom Quiches by Abby from Manila Spoon
Barley, Sausage, Spinach & Mushroom by Lindsey from The Healthy Hausfrau

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  1. Thanks for including my recipe! Mushrooms are a must-have in my house, I love them and they are awesome meat replacers for vegetarians :)


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