Day 9 - Jumping Jacks

Exercise Description
Start by standing upright, feet together with hands by your sides. With a jump, open your legs so feet are a little wider than shoulder width apart. At the same time bring arms above your head so they touch. Jump again back to the start position. Repeat 50 times.

Video Demonstration
Click HERE to view the video demonstration

Options & Modifications
Make it easier by taking feet less wide and hands just to shoulder level. Make it harder by turning it into a star jump – open legs and bring arms up on the way up, land in the start position.

Bonus Tip
The further the hands are from the body, (straight arms) the more difficult it is.

Don't Forget
I'm holding a little contest to win a $25 iTunes Giftcard!! Send me your photos of you taking part in the challenge then share them on the InSpiral Facebook page or on instagram using the Hashtag #chris50at50 or email them to me. I'll award the prize to the most entertaining photo (as judged by Moi! It could be a silly photo, a weird workout location or just spectacular scenery or surprise me!!...). Multiple entries per person are welcome. Judges decision will be final. No monetary alternative available. Electronic gift card will be emailed to the winner within 10 days. All photos must be posted by 1st May 2013 to be eligible.


  1. Where are these videos that are taken inside a gym filmed? It's so beautiful!

    1. Sparkling Hill Resort near Bernon BC. This is the mountain view. The other side, (infinity pool) has stunning panoramic views of Lake Okanagan...

    2. Wow, are you members? Or did you just approach them and ask if you could film there? It's stunning!!

    3. Obviously I meant Vernon...
      We're not members; the only way you can use the place is as a guest or for a very expensive day use rate, (cheaper to stay a night most of the time!) We were there for an early anniversary couple of days as they had a great deal on, and decided to take the opportunity to take a bunch of pics and videos for the blog. It is an amazing place; high on the edge of the hillside overlooking up and down the lake...:-)


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