50 @ 50 - the story so far...

So we’re one week in and it seems like a lot of people are enjoying my, (our) 50 @ 50 challenge. Photo proof will follow at a later date.

Currently we have 135 budding athletes signed up – plus a few kids helping their struggling parents; that’s almost 7,000 push-ups and as many as 13,500 high knees between us, not to mention of course two hours of planking!!!

We have people form every walk of life, every age and from across Canada, the USA, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Cyprus, Israel, Hong Kong and Australia and one guy who has spent many years cycling most of the way round the world – and these are just the ones I know about! We have a 62 year old ex Cambridge University Professor – fitter than most people half his age, and my own awesome Mum at the young age of 80! Also joining us are a few ex ‘Airborne Forces’ guys who know all about going beyond their limits, a guy who pushed me beyond my limits during my own Airborne training and who also coached the current Deca-triathlon world champion. (That’s TEN Ironman triathlons in one event – Google Simon Bourne!) We have some young Mums, (OK Moms!) who are all experts in sleep deprivation, a skydive school owner with many thousands of skydives under her belt. We have a female bodyguard, some health coaches who just couldn't turn down the challenge, a guy who less than two years ago broke his back in a motorcycle accident, (who also ‘mistakenly’ did 50 reps of 50 second planks!!!). We have at least two physios – so if anyone pushes too hard I know who to call and at least one person with the same birthday as mine, if somewhat younger!

So we've had an excellent first week, thanks to all for joining me as I (try to) age gracefully – here’s to the next three weeks…

And if you're joining the party late.....WELCOME!

Feel free to jump into the challenge at any time! And don't worry about feeling the need to catch up; just join in on whatever date you want to, do that day's exercise and then just carry on into May...:-)


  1. That's awesome... I was wondering how many were actively taking part... I think it is a great idea... I love it... and I am very proud of myself for staying with it so far... I am usually the one that starts at full speed and dies a death on day three or four...I have missed one day... but I think the 10 planks makes up for that! :) Awesome idea and great fun!

    1. Good for you TH for taking part and keeping up so well; you can always add a day in somewhere to make up for the day missed. 10 planks - that's pretty amazing; I guess I wasn't as clear as I could have been when I was describing the plank exercise...:-)
      Thanks for the positive feedback and encouragement!


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