Blog Carnival

Every month I host a Healthy Recipe Blog Carnival where I do a 'round-up' of some great looking recipes I've found on the interwebs. Each month I pick a particular ingredient, and all recipes that month will feature that ingredient. I'll link up all the recipes in one place for easy reference!

I host the Healthy Recipes Blog Carnival on the 3rd Monday of each month.

Like to get involved? - I will be announcing the featured ingredient for the month on my facebook page and twitter on the 1st of the month. Like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter to be sure you don't miss my announcement!  Then if you have a recipe using the featured ingredient tweet, leave a comment on my facebook update or email me with a link to your recipe. Then on carnival day I'll be sure to include your recipe in my round-up!

On blog carnival day I publish a blog post featuring that ingredient with fun and factual information about it and link some of my favourite recipes in one convenient place. I always make sure to give full credit to the author and link back to the original post,

Check out my Facebook Page or twitter on the 1st of the month to find out the next featured ingredient!

Previous months Blog Carnivals;
March Blog Carnival featured CHIA SEEDS 
April Blog Carnival featured SWEET POTATOES
May Blog Carnival featured AVOCADOS
June Blog Carnival featured CINNAMON
July Blog Carnival featured CHICKPEAS


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