Day 5 - Dorsal Raises

Exercise Description
Lie flat on stomach with hands by your sides, looking ahead. Keeping head and neck neutral use the lower back muscles to raise your upper body off the floor as high as is comfortable. Hold for a count of three and lower slowly.

Options & Modifications
Use hands to help raise up for ease
Put hands by ears to make it harder or straight out in front for harder still.

Bonus tip
Keep breathing!

Don't Forget
I'm holding a little contest to win a $25 iTunes Giftcard!! Send me your photos of you taking part in the challenge then share them on the InSpiral Facebook page or on instagram using the Hashtag #chris50at50 or email them to me. I'll award the prize to the most entertaining photo (as judged by Moi! It could be a silly photo, a weird workout location or just spectacular scenery or surprise me!!...). Multiple entries per person are welcome. Judges decision will be final. No monetary alternative available. Electronic gift card will be emailed to the winner within 10 days. All photos must be posted by 1st May 2013 to be eligible.


  1. Love the idea of the added incentive! I'll have to get on that soon!

    1. I'm sure you'll think of something clever/witty...

  2. This gift card also gives the freedom for the user to budget the gift card depending on the need.


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