Day 26 - Bicep Curls

Exercise Description
Stand with your feet either shoulder width apart or one slightly in front of the other, keep your knees slightly bent. With a challenging weight in each hand and keeping the upper arm still by your side, bend the elbow and lift the weight to your shoulder.

Video Demonstration
Click HERE to view the video demonstration

Options & Modifications
Lots of options;
Lift both weights together,
Lift weights alternating arms'
Start with palms facing backwards, twist to palm forwards on the way up, palm facing back on the way down,
Bend one elbow 90 degrees so that the forearm is parallel to the ground - holding a weight. Do 5 - 10 reps on the other side. alternate between arms - ouch!.

Bonus Tip
Keep your body still and your elbows to your sides - don't swing!

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