7 Easy Ways To Improve your Health NOW!

Everyone knows how to be healthier; we all know that to take more exercise, eat clean and simplify our lives will have a positive impact on our overall health, but then real life clicks in...

So we do the best we can; we skip the drive-through, we buy good and real food when we grocery shop, we hit the gym several times a week and we lie in on Sundays - maybe. We do the best we can.

But what if there were some free, easy and guaranteed small ways to improve our health - permanently, would you take the opportunity? Well you've read this far so read the rest and try to disagree if you can ;-)

  1. Ignore every commercial you ever see or hear! Billboards, the internet, radio, TV commercials are designed to do one thing and one thing only - sell you something you don't need! Just think about that; They are purely to sell you something that you don't need!!! They are not for your information and they are not looking after your best interests, they cost the company a lot of money, which you as the consumer will pay for in the long run. If you need something you're quite capable of sourcing it yourself, and if you do source it yourself, you'll end up with exactly what you need - no more, no less!
  2. Detox - a regular detox, and I'm only talking three or four times a year here, is the perfect way to reset your body, your mind and generally get you back on track with a fresh and healthy mindset. It doesn't need to be a full on 'starvation' style juice cleanse either; you choose what you want to detox from. There are a million different detoxes out there from a week to a month, but it can be as simple as quitting one thing for just a few days - sugar, alcohol, processed food or even just eating out. Detox to suit YOU!
  3. Water - I know I know, we're always being told to drink more water and most of us should. But all I'm suggesting here is two changes; 1. Drink one glass before every meal and another during the meal. Drinking before a meal will help satisfy your hunger so you'll naturally want to eat less which let's face it, with North American size portions becoming the norm, that won't do any of us any harm! Drinking water with the meal will help with digestion and also slow our eating down - put down the fork, pick up the glass. 2. When drinking alcohol drink a glass of water with each drink. Again, it'll help satiate the craving and fill you up more quickly, it will also help with any hangover the next day...
  4. Do NOT go inside gas stations - there is NOTHING there for you. Pay for your gas at the pump and leave - it's too tempting, especially on a long journey, to grab a quick snack or drink for the road. Stock up with clean snacks and water before you go. If you want more than water, consider making your own Kombucha - read more about that here. Gas station drinks, (other than water) will tire you out, fog your mind and contrary to their own self belief, will not quench your thirst!
  5. Dig your head out of the sand regarding your finances. I'm not very good at making up statistics so let's just say that money is one of the biggest causes of stress and one of the biggest causes of relationship problems! Budget for the amount you earn and your necessary expenses. Stop using shopping on finance; if you can't afford to pay for it - you can't afford it. If you don't pay your credit cards off in full before any interest is due - stop using them. I know debt is not an easy habit to get out of and turning it around is neither a quick nor an easy task, but I promise you one thing - a year from now you'll wish you'd started today!
  6. Breathe... Yes I know you do it all the time without thinking but I'm challenging you to do it with thinking! Whenever you get a moment or the thought occurs to you, really concentrate on deep belly breathing. Breathe in the good, breathe out the crap, it'll do wonders for your stress levels, your blood pressure and a general feeling of relaxation. You have to breathe anyway so you might as well do it right :-)
  7. Change your way of thinking, respect and treat yourself as you would anyone else you love. Only put inside your body what does you good. Eat to fuel that amazing body, it's that easy!

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