June's featured ingredient...

If you'd like to take part in June's Healthy Recipe Blog Carnival then read on....

The next Blog Carnival will be published on Monday 17th June, 2013

June's featured ingredient is CINNAMON!

If you've got a great recipe to share that contains cinnamon then why not submit it?! All submissions must be received by the deadline of Friday 14th June to be included. 

Here's how it works;

Each month I pick a particular ingredient that all recipes should feature and anyone that would like to participate can link up their favourite/best recipe for inclusion.

On blog carnival day I publish a blog post featuring that ingredient with fun and factual information about it and link all submitted recipes in one convenient place. All recipes will give full credit to the author and link back to your own blog or recipe site so everyone will need to visit your site to view the full recipe details. Your recipe can be something you posted today or a year ago – it doesn't matter, but they must appear on your blog with a full ingredient list, directions and at least one photo (because everyone loves seeing pics don’t they?!

Sign up and join us HERE!

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