Day 30 - 50 Flights of Stairs - yes, really!

To those who stuck it out and are still here - congratulations people, you just completed an awesome set of 30 exercises. You did 1,250 reps - many more if you took the '50 each leg' option when you could, and most of them were not easy! Just one final push now and you can relax throughout May... You'd better not now after all the effort you've put in!!! Get ready, this is gonna be a serious cardio challenge...

Exercise Description
Seriously - you need a description? Find a set of stairs and run up, (not down) them - 50 times. Come on guys - last day, let's really 'bring it!' 
Options & Modifications
Take the escalator - but make sure you run up the 'down' ones... 

Bonus Tip
Pace yourself. Run up and then catch your breath walking down; don't run down and trip - I have no money so you can't sue me...;-)

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