Day 27 - 50 Deep Breaths

Exercise Description
This is all about a day of rest - in peace. Not in front of the TV and with no time restraint! (And the day after my birthday I need it...) So find a quiet place, away from others. I personally like the Yoga 'Corpse Pose', (but you can pick your own most comfortable position). Lie on your back with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms away from your body by your sides. Use a pillow if you want. Now make sure you are completely relaxed, let your whole body weight sink into the floor. Close your eyes and just concentrate on your breathing; don't force it but take deep, full breaths - at least 50 of them, more if you want

Options & Modifications
Anything you want - just relax!

Bonus Tip
Don't leave anything on the stove!

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