How spiritual are you?

Spirituality is all about religion right? At least that's what I used to think. However I'm not religious; I'm neither for religion nor against it, I'm just...vague I guess. But does that mean I don't have a spiritual side? I find peace hiking with my dog, paddle boarding out on a nearby lake, or even riding my motorcycles in the middle of nowhere. Isn't that a form of spirituality? When I used to skydive people used to talk of finding it incredibly spiritual. So really spirituality is whatever we find it to be and I think the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna sums it up quite well. Hard to disagree with this kind of thinking;

The seven huna principles are as follows:
1) IKE — the world is what you think it is
This principle is essentially saying that our consciousness creates our reality. If someone thinks the world is full of deception, evil, and hatred, they will only focus their awareness on such matters and become completely blind to anything otherwise that would contradict this perception. Each one of us has the inherent power to transform our reality in any way we see fit. This power has the ability to transform not only one’s self, but all those around them.
2) KALA — there are no limits
In an infinite reality, there is no beginning or end of anything, which signifies the limitless nature of all that is. Anything is possible and self-growth is likewise infinite. There is always a process of be-ing and become-ing. With no limits, anything that is infinitely possible, can happen, is happening, and will happen, in its infinite forms. This is a concept that is simply too magnificent to be able to comprehend by a human brain.
3) MAKIA — energy flows where attention goes
Where someone focuses their attention, that is where an directed energy stream will go. This is how the healing method of reiki works and how the method of prayer works as well. When someone directs their thoughts towards a particular form of sentient energy, such as a loved one, this additional energy will be either in a positive form or a negative form. Depending whether the thought-forms are malevolent or benevolent, the end-result will be mimicked. Sending positive energy and healing hope will have a beneficial effect. If the contrary is occurring, the opposite will result. This can be magnified to show its effects on global consciousness. If positive thoughts are sent into the global consciousness, then there will be less animosity, hatred, anger, and other malevolent emotions. This was demonstrated to be a reality in the 1987 Harmonic Convergence
4) MANA WA — now is the moment of power
The power of ‘now’ is monumental. Existing and living the present moment does away with the stress of thinking about ‘what-if’ scenarios or reliving painful memories in an endless loop. All that is, is, and always will be as such. There will be complete inner peace when someone lives in the ‘now’ moment.
5) ALOHA — to love is to be happy with
Love is such a powerful state of consciousness. When love is experienced, it is a feeling that requires something to be happy about. It can be a physical manifestation of energy such as a person, tree, etc. or it may be completely subtle and nonphysical such as the love for existence. This requirement of having something else be a part of the love equation, demonstrates the interconnectedness with all that is, in all its varying frequencies and energy forms.
6) MANA — all power comes from within
The individual is the greatest power plant that exists. The mind is more powerful than it is often given credit for. With the power to create, destroy, restore, shift, and change, anything is truly possible for a person to do. Realizing the inner power that each individual has will empower that person to not only completely control their being, but will give one’s self the opportunity to share this power with others and create mutually beneficial exchange relationships.
7) PONO — effectiveness is the measure of truth 
How effective something is in creating a positive and beneficial shift or change in someone or something is a good indicator of the genuine nature of something. It will give a better reflection between truth and falsehood, or rather, between truth and the ignorance of truth.
The seven Huna principles are a great introduction to the power of consciousness and should be able to transform one’s daily life into something far more empowering and positive, on many levels. There is such tremendous potential for each individual to make a difference not only in their own lives, but in the lives of each person on the planet. The power is all within you. Express it, with love.


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