• Current Read - Winter of the World by Ken Follett and March edition of 'Bike' magazine
  • Current Drink - filtered water with a dash of lemon juice
  • Current Excitement - it's nearly spring and riding season
  • Current fashion trend - snowshoes!
  • Current Favourite Blog/Website - Netflix (been without cable for over a year now!)
  • Current Garden Item - waste from juicing as a compost
  • Current Love - hiking with my Vizsla pup (wifey said it's ok to not say her...;-))
  • Current Food - oatmeal with crushed blueberries, chia seeds, cinnamon and maple syrup 
  • Current Indulgence - pancakes for breakfast on the weekend
  • Currently Pondering - this question...
  • Current Mood - perfectly contented
  • Current New Find - satisfaction in simplicity
  • Current Outfit - 'Dirty Feet' race series TNF hoodie
  • Current Peeve - people who use flashlights while snowshoeing in the moonlight 
  • Current Song - Pearl Jam album
  • Current Triumph - 2013 Street Triple R ;-)
  • Current TV Show - P90X workout DVDs
  • Current Wish-List - nothing...?
  • Currently Delaying - taking my paddle board to the lake - brrrr...


  1. I love reading about current everything, so fun! I love pancakes on the weekends too! Isn't Netflix amazing. I am all about not being a slave to TV and not having to watch those silly commercials anymore :)

    1. Thanks Amber; glad you enjoyed it. Why don't you write your currently here...?


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