Healthy movie snacks – are you kidding me?

Who doesn’t like an evening at the movies, and who doesn’t like to snack their way through the film? But it's not so easy if we’re trying to live a more healthy life.

Any guesses for what are the two most popular snacks and the two least healthy snacks sold at theatres? (I’ll give you a clue here – they both start with ‘P’ and end with… weight gain!)
The ‘butter’ they pour on popcorn at the cinema is not butter and you don’t even want to know how much refined sugar is in a soda fountain pop!! (for a 32 oz cup its around 90 grams -that’s 24 sugar lumps!)

Here’s a couple of tips to not ruin all your hard work;
  • Homemade popcorn may sound like a faff but it really is easy and quick. I do NOT mean the microwave stuff; I’m talking buying a bag of popping corn and cooking it at home, (ok so it won’t be hot but how long does would it stay warm anyway?) bag it into paper bag(s) and sprinkle a little sea salt or natural seasonings to give it some zest.
  • Take chocolate – it doesn’t have to be a huge amount and if you keep it as dark as possible, (the higher cacao percentage the better) it can actually be good for you. Cacao in its raw form is one of the strongest antioxidants known!
  • Take your own healthy drink or if you’re feeling adventurous try a good home made drink such as kefir water;
  • Pop – if you really must have pop, (and I’m not preaching that you shouldn’t as everyone knows that anyway!) stop by the store on your way and buy a SMALL bottle or can. You’ll still get the taste but you'll drink less (and let’s face it – the last half a cup from a soda fountain is always flat anyway!)

Legal waiver; It has been known that some movie theatres have issues with customers consuming their own foods on the premises and may even perform a strip search on suspicious looking patrons. So please make sure you check with the theatre management and relevant local law enforcement agencies before you heed any of my suggestions...;-)


  1. Great tips! I take a can of Zevia (stevia-sweetened pop), a bag of dried apricots and some energy balls I made, or a Ziploc of homemade popcorn - does the trick all the time. I really don't ever usually crave popcorn but when I get into a movie theatre and smell it all around I do so I prep now and take it with me!

    1. Absolutely, I agree it's all about the smell of popcorn. A good job they don't sell bacon in there...;-)

  2. I cook our popcorn from kernals on the stove top and use coconut oil then add sea salt....they are addictive!


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