My new business cards!

They've just arrived and I'm thrilled with them! They are the standard Matte cards from The quality is fantastic - they are a very heavyweight card with a smooth matte finish - definitely a cut above your average business card. My lovely and talented wife designed them for me! (thanks honey - you did a great job, proud of you!). But what is so fabulous about Moo is that you can use one side of your cards to have a variety of designs - I took advantage of this by having 12 different inspirational quotes. (I believe you can have up to 50 different designs!) On the other side of course I had my business contact details. They come in small business card holder boxes, with thoughtful tabs of 'mine' and 'yours' - so when you trade you won't get your cards muddled up. Really the attention to detail is excellent.

I would highly recommend these cards to anyone. Please go and check them out if you're thinking of some new business cards - you won't be sorry! Plus you can get 15% off your first pack of 50 Business cards by entering the code G2MSCG at checkout! And if you need a little help with the design work then I know a great gal.....;-)

(If you're thinking of trying Moo out for the first time then if you follow this link then I will get a little referral bonus!)


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