A revolution in the making?

Here is a genuine guy who has used his celebrity status as one of the UK’s best known chefs to good effect. I challenge anyone to watch this inspiring speech by Jamie Oliver without a lump in their throat! This guy is so passionate about his cause and it’s all backed up by verifiable fact and simple common sense. It should be compulsory watching for every parent, teacher, carer, politician and food industry boss!

This video was filmed in 2010 and we have to ask ourselves; what’s being done, who’s doing it and are we getting anywhere? Well, the school I am with now, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York has over 25,000 graduates from more than 75 countries and we believe that we really are on the verge of a revolution, like Jamie hopes for. Education is changing people’s minds and consumers are demanding better quality, real food without all the poisonous preservatives, the addictively excessive amounts of sugar and salt and the so-called low fat options.
In this case Google really is your friend! Until fairly recently the sources of the information we received has been limited to the government policies and media advertising, both heavily funded by the food industry, which has one agenda only - profit. Now we have the world’s information at our fingertips and although I’m not in any way saying that everything you read on line is true, we now at least have differing opinions, so we too can form our own opinions based on intelligent discussion and actually start to think for ourselves. And that is what we absolutely MUST do – start thinking for ourselves!

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