Spring Detox program

15-day Detox Program starts 10th June

Would you like to really feel more energized and alive? 
Would you like to healthily loose 4 to 6 lbs of unwanted weight? 
Would you like break bad eating habits, reduce cravings and eat more healthfully? 
When if ever, did you really think about the toxins in your body? 
Feeling more alive starts by eating foods that naturally support and detox your body 

Have you any idea just how toxic modern living can be?

The fact is; from the foods we eat and the body ‘care’ products we use, to the environment we live in, we are subjected to far more toxins than previous generations ever were.

Feeling more alive and vibrant with abundant energy starts by eating foods that naturally support and detoxify your whole body; from the smallest organs tucked away inside to your skin – the largest organ of all!

When you feed your body with the right foods, it will detox naturally and you WILL feel more alive. The body’s ability to heal itself should never be under estimated. If you’re generally a healthy person you've probably considered a detox before – but maybe you don’t know where to start.

Your body could easily be carrying around an extra 5 to 10 lbs of toxic waste, which slows you down both physically and mentally. It also slows your ability to lose weight and slows your metabolism! Why would you do that to yourself? What if all the hard work was done for you and all you had to do was follow a well thought out and researched detox program?

Summer is coming – how do you want to feel when it arrives? Now is the time to honour  reset and detoxify your body. Now is the time to…

Join my 'Spring into Summer’ detox program 

What’s Included;
  • An introduction to the benefits of detoxing
  • Pre-detox Guide – the first 4 days of your program will be preparing for your detox; your pantry, your fridge, your body and your mind!
  • The ‘Spring into Summer’ 7-day Detox Guide
  • The ‘Spring into Summer’ Detox Recipe Guide with more than 50 tasty, nutritious recipes!
  • 4-day Transition Plan and Food Diary
  • Shopping List and blank Meal Planner
  • Daily emails from me as your Health Coach throughout the 15 days, to support and encourage you to succeed – making your detox as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Personal email support – ask me a question via email anytime during the detox!
  • A bonus FREE 50 minute one-on-one health & lifestyle consultation to set goals for life after detox!
  • And of course should you ever ‘fall off the wagon’ in the future, you’ll have all the details to be able to repeat the detox program yourself. 
When you have finished your ‘Spring into Summer’ Detox, life will be changed for the better – permanently. 

What you can expect to gain from this; 

  • Loose an average of 4-6 lbs 
  • Have more energy, less stress and better overall health 
  • Reduce your susceptibility to illness and disease 
  • Healthier looking/feeling hair and skin 
  • Let go of cravings, old patterns and bad habits once and for all 

And quite literally – ‘Spring into Summer’! 

Is this a diet? 

There are no magic pills or calorie counting here. This is about changing the way you eat…for good! This detox is a guided program of eating clean, real, whole foods that will enable your body to take a break and get back on track.  This program will kick start your metabolism, boost energy and immunity, shed unwanted weight, improve digestion, release toxins, and teach you how to create simple and easy meals for a lifetime.  You can participate from anywhere on your own time! This isn't a diet, it’s a lifestyle change! Whilst you might need to stock up in preparation for the detox there are no wacky foods that you can’t find in a regular grocery store. No pills, powders or special products here! 

How does it work? 

The next detox program starts on 10th June
  • Sunday 9th June: We’ll kick off the program the night before with a ½ hour live conference call to get you prepped and ready to go! (If you're not able to make the call a recorded version will be available)
  • Days 1-4: You start with a 4 day pre-detox phase where you clean out your pantry, your fridge, and your mind – yes – you’re going to clear that mind and be open to what’s to come! 
  • Days 5-11: The detox phase is just 7 days – you can do anything for 7 days – right? Whilst this isn't a diet, it IS about resetting, and re-evaluating your food choices. The accompanying recipe guide gives you plenty of food choices to keep you from getting hungry 
  • Day 11: Scheduled Coaching Conference call to discuss your week and talk about the transition phase (If you're not able to make the call a recorded version will be available)
  • Days 12-15: You made it! The 7 day detox is over and now we’ll transition back into ‘real life’. I give you tips for maintaining the new healthy you! Reintroduce some foods back into your diet and give you some bonus recipes that you can enjoy. 
  • Detox & Beyond: As part of the program I offer a one-on-one 45-minute Health & Lifestyle consultation. This can be scheduled at any time during the 6 weeks following your detox program and we can discuss your health & lifestyle goals for the future. I conduct these calls via Skype or Google Talk, at a time to suit you 

Spring into Summer 2-week Detox Program
$99.00 Introductory Price just $79.00!
(approx GBP £55.00 at today's exchange rate)

Once payment is completed through PayPal I will be contacting you via the email address that you provided during the checkout process or the email linked to your PayPal account. If you do not receive an email from me within 24 hours of payment please contact me directly at chris@inspiralcoaching.com
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