The biggest tip to creating your perfect bucket list

The Bucket List. Words that to many bring up thoughts of exciting possibilities; no pressure, no time scale, just something to do one day when we have more money, time or usually both. Whether you've seen the film or just quoted the phrase when something appeals, most of us either have or at least talk about our bucket list and adding things to it. But what if we just keep adding to it but we never get round to actually doing any of it - sound familiar...?

Making lists can be demoralizing, particularly when it comes to following through with it. If it's a list of chores I need to get done in a day or a week I'll often 'cheat' and add in a few easy tasks or tasks I've already completed just to make me feel like I'm getting somewhere - it can be a great moral boost.

But it's not just lists of chores that can be tough; even a bucket list can be daunting to the point that you may start wondering if you'll ever get any of it done. And then what? Scrub the list and give up?... I'm a bit of a cheat and like to make things as easy as I can for myself, and this includes doing things I enjoy. So I have a mixed bucket list consisting of everything, (at the moment) that I want to do in my life and all the things I've done that I believe warrant some sort of recognition. (Click here to read my list if it interests you) Now instead of looking like this huge list of less than likely dreams I want to fulfil, my 'Two Way Bucket List' looks like I've almost finished. And if that alone isn't an incentive to follow my dreams and complete the rest, I don't know what is!

And the rules determining what you can add to your list that you've already done? There aren't any! If it felt like a big deal at the time - write it down. If it didn't feel like a big deal at the time but looking back now it does - write it down. Trust me; wrack your brains for just a few minutes and before you know it you'll have this resume of a derring-do life you'll barely recognize - and more importantly, the motivation to carry on and make those wild dreams happen.

Leave me a comment and tell me 'What's on your Bucket List?' - naming one thing you've already checked off, and one thing you've yet to achieve!


  1. I did what you suggested and made of list of bucket list items I've already completed. Afterward, I read through them & realized that I've lived a pretty exciting life. At 38, I've already got 70 things I would consider bucket list qualified that I've crossed off.

    Something I've already done: Rapelled down the side of a volcano, in a rain forest, next to a huge waterfall. Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica - 2016

    Something I haven't done: learn the trapeze.

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