Too old for this shit!

Recently I was trying to rally friends to join our 'Mudd, Sweat & Tears' team and although I expected many of the 'thanks but no thanks' responses, one answer almost stopped me dead in my tracks. A guy ten years my junior replied with "I'm too old for that shit" - whilst proceeding to tell me how great he used to be in his youth - he's nearly 42! Too old for what exactly? Too old to have fun, too old to get down 'n' dirty, too old to work up a sweat, too old to exercise and take care of himself???

And it got me thinking, at what age are we too old, at what point do we give up, consider ourselves over the hill and start 'winding down' to whatever the next life has to offer? there are lots of inspirational quotes about how we should live our lives (this being one of many and a personal favourite);
But however you choose to inspire yourself, surely the whole point of life is living. We are born and we die, those two are pretty much guaranteed, but anything else in between is really up to us. Shouldn't we live and keep on living right up until we die?

Thankfully not everyone has the same outlook; when I completed my first 'Tough Mudder' last year one of the guys on our team was in his early 60s, fit as a fiddle and was in no way holding anyone up. But he seems to be in the minority. Why? - because he's lucky that he's in good shape and is not ill? No, apart from not having been run over by a bus so far he's not lucky at all; unlike many middle-aged, (whenever that is!) people, he is committed to living a long, healthy and fun life - me too!

So I plead to all of you; consider this life precious, ignore the nay sayers and doubters and especially if you're one of those people who think they're 'too old'. Have a rethink, turn back the clock and make sure the second half of your life is better than the first. You've had the practice run, you have the experience and wisdom - start proving it! (and live the life in your Facebook profile!).

Come on; who's for never being too old for this shit???

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