Why you should start your new health regime BEFORE Christmas

Winter has plenty to offer if you're the outdoor type and don't mind the cold, but for many people it is a time of hibernating - wrapping up lazily on the sofa with a good book, hot chocolate and some comfort food, waiting until spring to start getting in shape again. Ring any bells???

And then what happens - spring is suddenly upon us and everyone wants to get in shape for the summer; eat healthy, exercise more, unpack the summer clothes only to find out they've shrunk over the winter…So here's my take on it!

'Everyone' seems to join a new gym in the New Year - why would you? It's the worst possible time to join; it'll be crowded with uncommitted people who won't be there in a month's time, unfamiliar with the equipment, 'hogging' your favourite work station, wasting time in the showers, cluttering the change area etc. Admit it; you want to go to the gym when there are just enough people to create an atmosphere but not so many that you have to wait for or limit your time with equipment. You want it to feel like your own personal club - am I right? So don't be one of those people; go now and by January you'll feel like one of the old sweats, your workout will be so much more efficient when you have it polished and the staff will take you far more seriously - you'll get to know them and they will more likely take an interest in you and your success. The 'resolutions' crowd will come and go and you'll hardly notice them.

And as for healthy eating - why wait until the spring to change your habits, to panic diet, where your only goal is to lose enough weight to fit into your favourite summer outfit again? That's no way to live a healthy life; it involves too much sacrifice and is unsustainable - if it worked you wouldn't be doing it again and again. Summer beach bodies are earned in the winter! With all the long nights ahead isn't this the perfect time to learn some healthy food options that you actually like? Trust me, I hate to sacrifice my favourite foods - so I don't, I create them! I know what goes in them and I get to make them exactly how I like them.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the build up to Christmas is the perfect time to make the changes! Here's why;
  • Small changes make the most sustainable results so this time of year is a great excuse not to go at it too hard - think moderation. 
  • With the likelihood of lots of parties, rich Christmas foods and general excess you'll certainly get enough treats to keep you going - but what about the rest of the time? Use this time to eat as healthily as you can, all the while knowing it's only a couple of days or so until the next blowout. 
  • Take some light exercise during the day, before you go out - and then enjoy your party without the guilt.
  • If you start slowly and gently now, you'll be far more motivated and in a much better place to step it up come the end of the holidays.
So don't wait until spring to get ready for summer - start now; feel awesome, look awesome, have awesome amounts of energy - just BE awesome!


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