Don't waste your time trying to look good!

Just think for a moment; what are your real health goals, what truly matters to you?

Be honest with yourself here, are you working out and eating clean to look good for your Christmas party, your wedding, a holiday, the beach next year? If you are I'd like to challenge you to have a total rethink; you'll always look good to those who matter, never look good to those who don't and will probably never look good enough for your own personal critic within!

This shortsighted goal is not only too much like hard work, it's a sure fire way to fail. It only leads to yoyo dieting, to an 'all or nothing' exercise routine, whatever that may be for you. Look around you; how many perfect 'get fit for summer' type articles are there in magazines at the checkout or on virtually every web page you see? Too many is the answer; but it shows two things... How popular these plans are, they're everywhere and they sell - big time! But also how useless they are - if they worked, everyone would have tried it once, succeeded and never need to do it again. Logic, right?

You make the wedding in good shape or you look great for the beach - but then what, it all stops there? No of course it doesn't; health is forever and there is no rush to achieve it - you have your whole life to improve on it; taking small steps constantly along the way - that's the real way to make big changes. Changes that are sustainable and permanent are what we should be aiming for and achieving along the way.

I'm all for creating S.M.A.R.T. goals, (as they actually DO work!) but you can't attach a date or an event to your health or even your fitness. Of course I'm not talking about beating your own PR at your next race or even completing your first race - these are true goals and can be achieved using the S.M.A.R.T. acronym. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) But they are steps along the way - not the end result. Real health has no end result, so relax, take it easy, it's only life and no-one gets out alive!

Health isn't about vanity; health is about becoming the best possible version of yourself and living a long, happy life full of abundance. So you want help with identifying and achieving some really valuable goals on your own personal health journey? I'm right here, contact me for a free no obligation chat...

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