2 great Clean Eating techniques

Eating clean at every meal, every day is at best, extremely tough, and impossible for most people; hence the 80/20 theory which means eating clean for 80% of the time and letting go for the other 20%. Some people even manage 90/10 but let’s not mention that. There is however, another method less talked about and this may well suit people who like a little more structure in their lives – the ‘cheat day’. 

In the same way that shocking your body with new exercises and new workout routines has been proven to have great results than simply repeat the same thing over and over, the ‘cheat day’ theory works in the same fashion. Rather than letting your body get too comfortable with constant goodness, you shock it, and therefore your metabolism into action now and again. One method is the 3-1-2-1 plan where you eat clean for 3 days, have a cheat day, eat clean for 2 days, have a cheat day, It sounds like good sense to me although I would however add, just be careful how much you cheat ;-)

So how about you? Would you be better eating clean today if you knew that in a few days time you had a cheat day? or would you rather have your 80/20???

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