What's in a name?

A colleague recently asked me where the name 'InSpiral Coaching' came from, so I thought I'd spill the beans here;
It's really quite a simple play on words - 'inspire' and 'spiral'. When I first started life coaching my mission was to inspire people to become the best possible versions of themselves. Clients almost always inspire me too in many different ways so the word inspire really is a double edged sword. I also see that we as humans tend to spend a lot of time in our lives in a spiral of one sort or another. We can have a bad day where everything seems to spiral downward and out of control, or we can have a good day where we just keep reaching onward and upward. 

I also believe that we choose our direction and once we start spiralling up it is easy to keep going; whereas if we start to spiral down, it can be hard to regain lost ground. I like to use the landing of a spiral staircase as an example of where we are when it comes to making almost every life decision we make - will this decision take you up and toward your goals or will it bring you down.

As it turns out, there are a lot of important spirals in life; in fact our very DNA are spiral and a growing fetus can be seen to be spiral shaped. Our finger prints are spiral as is the crown of our head as our hair grows. Think of the power of tornadoes - also spiral...

Spirals - What Do They Mean?
  • Spirals are expressions of creativity. They are often found in the natural growth pattern of many organisms and suggest the process of growth and evolution. Spirals convey ideas of fertility, birth, death, expansion, and transformation. They are cycles of time, life and the seasons and are a common shape in religious and mystical symbolism.
  • Spirals move in either direction and represent returning to the same point on life's journey with new levels of understanding. They represent trust during change, the release of energy and maintaining flexibility through transformation. Clockwise spirals represent projection of an intention and counterclockwise spirals the fulfillment of an intention. Double spirals can be used to symbolize opposing forces.
So now you know - thanks for the question Shana :-)

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