Life in the old dog! 10K race result!

Back in my early 30s I used to run a lot; I was lean, light, strong and fast. Having a job that involved jumping from allegedly 'perfectly serviceable' aircraft, (although I don't believe there is such a thing as a perfectly serviceable aircraft myself!) laden down with the equivalent of my own body weight must have helped my fitness. However, as I got older and my career took on more of a sedentary nature, coupled with my go-to favourite, 'worn out knees' excuse, my running became virtually non existent. When I did get the urge to join in a fun run it would usually be a last minute affair with very little if any training.

So this year when my wife, herself a marathon runner, suggested I might actually put some effort in, in the hope of getting a half decent time in my regular, once a year 10k road race, I decided she was right! (Damn I hate admitting that!!!) So did I train? Well, not really train, however I did run the Whistler 10k this spring as I promised a client if he could do it, I'd run it with him. I also ran probably once a week once the summer heat had eased off. But I don't enjoy running like I used to, instead choosing to hike harder with my pup and even treat her to a bit of 'speed' when I'd head out on my mountain bike into the woods and hills with her egging me on!

The BMO Kelowna marathon is an excellent event and is hugely supported with both full and half marathons and also a 10k race. The route is flat and fast and finishes on the shore of the stunning Lake Okanagan. There is a lot of sponsor support with a huge marquee style tent to keep warm in before heading out to the start line. And the food at the end was tremendous; lots of perfectly healthy bananas and local apples, but also the type of treats most runners enjoy after working hard; granola bars, chips, cookies, juice, coffee, hot chocolate and a whole host of stuff I didn't even get to...

This year for the first time I was in the 50 - 59 age group so I had higher hopes due purely to the size of the group and I wasn't disappointed with my result. The training obviously helped, but even with that and knowing my pace lately, I was expecting and would have been pleased with a time of around 48 minutes. So imagine my delight when I came second in my age group, 33rd overall out of 850 runners and posted my best time in 15 years of 44:27! Without wanting to sound all 'salesman' on you I really believe that what helped my time was the detox I'd just finished three days before, during which I'd lost 4lbs and more than 1 percent of my body fat in just over a week of eating nothing but clean whole foods! If that's not proof I don't know what is?!! (some extra evidence to support this theory was my wife's Half Marathon PR after completing my Spring Detox, and then another PR for her this weekend after doing the Fall detox with me!) So if you want to shed weight from toxins, fuel your body cleanly and healthily, and maybe even gain energy and vitality you might consider joining my last detox this season (its starts on Monday!), check it out here!

I ran as part of my friend Rhonda's Results 4 Life Fitness team where we ALL took home medals in our respective age groups! What a Result!


  1. I recognize that medal!

    I ran this race as my first marathon. What an absolutely perfect day for the race, too! :)

  2. Wasn't the weather just great - once we got going. And I love how supported this race always is... :-)


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