Fire your boss, follow your dreams!

Doesn't everyone dream of quitting the 9 - 5 drudgery to find the perfect career? Well, I did it and if I can, so can you. Based on experience, here are my top tips to successfully and happily changing your career...
  1. Know why you're doing this. Make plans, (and don't forget to include enjoying the free time!) list the things you want to do but can't because of work - and do them! As obvious as it sounds, make sure you know what you’re doing with yourself that first Monday morning. But do NOT feel guilty about enjoying the time out, you deserve it and the only person to give you a hard time about it is you!  
  2. Get used to the idea in your own time. Don’t make rash decisions, they can freak you out. Decide to leave, get used to the idea, tell your partner if applicable, then when you’re more comfortable about the idea tell your boss - politely. 
  3. Budget - get rid of debts before you leave, consider taking a mortgage gap if you need to, ditch the cable TV – the last thing you want to do is spend your day watching garbage. Reconsider life’s luxuries, do you need them all? Start meal planning and shopping carefully, you’ll have the time now. 
  4. Don't forget why - write it down while it's fresh. Reasons for leaving and expectations of what is to come. Keep the list and revisit it on those days when you start to wonder if you made the right decision  
  5. Quit while you're ahead. Try not to change your career when things are bad, all jobs have their bad times. If it’s still not fulfilling when things are as good as they get, then make the move. 
  6. Don't switch off in your final days - go out on a high! Make sure they miss you – you never know when you might need them...  
  7. Create a routine. We all need an element of routine and discipline in our lives to give us direction; work gives us that so now you’ll need to make your own. Set the alarm and start the day - every day, with something specific. Whether it be a walk to get the paper, a workout or just an hour’s housework – set a time and stick to it, the rest of the day will flow.  
  8. Enjoy the down time – alone if necessary. Do the things you enjoy and not just the things you, as part of a couple, enjoys. 
  9. Don't waste time pretending to be busy; you're not at work anymore, if you're not busy then enjoy the down time – remember books???
  10. Monitor and reassess. Every month or so, reassess how your plans are going; are you on track, are you wasting too much time with trivia, is it what you hoped for? If not, change something, anything – just keep moving forward.


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    1. Pretty much to the letter; once after 23 years to travel, and again later to start my own coaching businessđź‘Ť

    2. Love this. I did that after 23 years to become a driving instructor. Now I’m getting ready to give up working altogether. I’ve lesrnt how to generate a passive income that will be better income than my self-employment. I’ve opted for financial freedom and time freedom. Ask me how at It’s free to get started.

  3. Every person had some dream and some people write it on paper about writing my dream. Thanks for sharing such a nice information. I like it very much.


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