Taking time for Self Care - My Hiking and Camping trip

Since our Vizsla pup Meli arrived in our family 14 months ago, my wife and I had been looking forward to turning her into a camping dog. Being a very active kind of pup we knew we'd never get a peaceful night's sleep in a tent unless she was completely worn out and would sleep the night through. She's been my hiking buddy and Helen's running partner for a year now and is never too tired to 'bring it on' so we thought we'd test her up in the Selkirk Mountains with a long weekend away to Glacier National Park.

Isn't it funny how camping always seems to have that 'aaaand relax' feeling about it and sure enough, as soon as we pulled in and started pitching the tent, the rest of the world and its problems just disappeared. We got there Friday night, too late to go hiking so the three of us strolled around the camp ground checking out the camp-fires and raging torrent of a river that marked the edge of the site. Why are we happy to sleep with the sound of rushing water in our ears and even trains, but not road traffic?

Saturday brought the weather we'd been promised with a cool start followed by temps in the high 20s as the sun made its way over the mountains. We choose a longer hike knowing we'd be glad of a shorter one on Sunday morning; the Asulkan Valley would be a 16km round trip with a 3,000 ft elevation gain , and would be more than enough for two of us...

With the clear weather, the views were spectacular as expected, what wasn't expected however was the cell service in the middle of what seemed like nowhere; is there no escape from Facebook??? Getting back to the camp-site around 6 pm made perfect timing for a roaring camp-fire a well stacked BBQ and of course a bottle of BC's finest :-) To say we all slept well that night would be stating the obvious; even Meli with all her excitement and her 'gentle trot' to the top of the valley was glad of the rest.

Sunday dawned even warmer so we lazed around the campsite for the morning and slowly packed up our site. Check out was Noon so we loaded up the car and moved to the trailhead for our brief 'warm-down' hike. This was just an 8km out and back along what used to be the railway back when the main railroad ran through back in the days before the highway was built. The campground is near the site of the old Glacier House; a place where first class passengers on the Trans Canada Railway would swap their carriages for remote luxury for a few days. The buildings are now all gone but you can still see the ruins of what harks back to a magical time in the history of cross country travel; when to travel meant to adventure...

It was a wonderful weekend of self-care, relaxation, gorgeous weather, great company, challenging hiking, amazing views. In short...Pretty darn great!

My too-gorgeous-for-her-own-good, friend and fellow Health Coach Anna is doing a Self Care September challenge on her blog which is what prompted me to make the most of BC's amazing fall weather and get away for a couple of days. Join in with Anna's challenge on social media by using the hashtag #selfcaresept when posting your status updates or photos!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout, so sweet! Glad you're making the most of #selfcaresept and that photo of you and Meli is classic, she's adorable!!

    1. Nah, it's just a 'front' - she's as savage as can be... ;-)

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