31 ways to enrich your life right now

All last month I spent 31 days making my August Awesome! I created my list of tips, inspiration and ideas and invited friends to follow along on social media taking a moment out of the day to appreciate this awesome life we live (yes - all of us!)

Of course it doesn't have to be August - any month is a good month to stop and appreciate your awesome life - and here are 31 ideas to get your started. Jump in at any time - with the corresponding day of the month or just pick out an idea at random and DO IT!!
  1. There are 2 ways to get richer. Have more or want less! Wanting less is more satisfying & healthier for you!
  2. You're wiser than you've ever been and you'll never be this young again! How will you take advantage of this moment?
  3. Ditch the scales - Don't let a piece of junk determine how you're going to feel about yourself. Measure waist not weight!
  4. No media day! Just for today turn off the TV, radio, smart phones, computers & anything else that poisons the mind - talk!
  5. Ban technology from the bedroom - permanently! Make your bedroom a place of peace & tranquility set the mood for sleep & love
  6. Squat! Don't just stand there waiting for the shower, elevator, bus, or cooker! Squat, keep squatting, and feel the burn!
  7. Be silent! Turn off the noise to get in your head, escape from everything, however briefly. Be still & enjoy the silence
  8. Make 3 lists; things you enjoy, things you're good at, things you can get paid for. The one activity in all 3 lists is your perfect career!
  9. Eat green! Buy 5 new greens on your next grocery shop. Use Google & your imagination to discover new recipes & explore
  10. Go one whole day with no caffeine in your life; make it 2 or 3, Now keep going till the headaches disappear. How do you feel?
  11. Breathe! At every opportunity be quiet & concentrate on deep belly breathing. In thru the nose & out thru the mouth. Repeat.
  12. Take time out! Just once today take 1/2 hour, find a quiet place alone, lie down & let your mind wander without judgment
  13. Go the long way! Walk everywhere - don't take short cuts, use the stairs, take the long route & waste time - you DO have it!
  14. Water water water! Replace everything you'd normally drink today with a glass of cool, live-giving H2O. Filtered is best
  15. Double the stairs! Quite literally, every time you walk up/down stairs go back & do it again - EVERY time, & do it quicker!!
  16. It's ok to laugh! Find your favourite joke (Google it!) tell it to everyone & challenge them to beat it with one of their own
  17. Eat Raw! Cook nothing all day, eat only raw veggies, nuts, seeds and fruit (organic/ local if you can) Eat all you can!
  18. Treat everyone with kindness for all have their own personal battles. Treat yourself best - you may even thank yourself
  19. Random act of kindness! #RAK Do something good anonymously for a stranger. You'll never know the ripple effect you may start!
  20. Try a new workout! Sign up for a new class, try an online video or new piece of equipment, cycle instead of run - surprise your body
  21. Never aim for mediocrity, there's too much competition! Strive for the top; you'll be surprised at the amount of support!
  22. One minute #meditation! Sit, breath hard, fast & noisily 15 times, in thru' the nose, out thru' the mouth. Close your eyes & relax!
  23. Don't take yourself too seriously! Watch the people at the top of their game; lighten up & be like them - it's only life after all!
  24. 100 years from now You, Me, our problems, failures, won't mean a thing. The world will still keep on turning whether we mess up or not!
  25. Enjoy the ride! Everything we do now becomes a future memory, good, bad or in-between - make sure it's all worth remembering!
  26. Just for today find something positive in everything that happens & everyone you meet - it's there if you're open & willing to see it!!!
  27. Get up early! Just one day, get up an extra half hour/hour early. Use the time to relax quietly!
  28.  Make time for a hearty breakfast - everyday! High in protein and healthy fat, low in sugar
  29. Chew your food - chewing aids digestion & helps you feel full quicker. Aim for 50 chews but try for at least 20 per mouthful
  30. Set goals! Always have at least one goal to achieve. Break it down into bite size steps and don't give up!
  31. Repeat!!! Start the whole list over and do it all again. Or make up your own list...
And if you'd like to download the graphic to print (it's a great reminder pinned to your fridge door or mirror!) then click on the picture below to preview, then right click and 'save image as'....when printing select legal sized paper (8.5 x 14")! 

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