LiveWell Health & Wellness event

If you're anywhere near Lake Country, BC, Canada come and check out the LiveWell event I'm co-hosting on 11th August!


Together with Shelly from Prosko Pyysio Therapy and Jenn from Winfield Massage Therapy Clinic we'll be talking about a wide variety of health and wellness topics - from nutrition, to relaxation to self-care. Throughout the afternoon we'll be taking a 1 hour yoga practice, listening to a variety of talks, workshops and 'Hot Topics' and sampling some quick, easy and nutritious snacks that we'll be demo-ing. Plus we'll be serving a delicious lunch sourced largely from the local area growers and farmers.

For all the details, the full schedule for the afternoon and to purchase tickets check out the LiveWell event website.


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  3. Great ! Will help in many ways to live healthy

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