Are you Living Well?

I had the busiest but most amazing day last Sunday at the inaugural LiveWell Health & Wellness Event. It was an idea that started in a coffee shop, (don't they all...) followed by a lot of hard work and culminated in a team of four of us presenting a mini health fair here in the Lake Country Okanagan Centre community Hall. Myself as a health & nutrition coach, Jenn as a massage therapist, Shelly, a physiotherapist and yoga teacher and my amazingly organised wife Helen put together an afternoon of Yoga, healthy locally sourced snacks, food demos and lunch, and a bunch of talks ranging from 'what is health and how to create it for ourselves', 'sugar, the poison everywhere' and the theory of APE, (attitude, perspective and effort) to talks on superfoods, supplements, ageing healthfully, and other topics.

Local farm shops, stores and other growers had sponsored us with an abundance of freshly picked cherries, peaches, nectarines, free range eggs, gluten free cookies and snacks - even a couple of peach pies! Manitoba Harvest sent us a huge amount of hemp heart samples for the goody bags, to that we added pedometers, free physio sessions, yoga practices, massages and a 'fall detox' programme.

Shelly gave a yoga class out in the shade on the lawn overlooking the lake which gave a blissfully tranquil break in the breezy warmth.

Lunch consisted of a Gazpacho, a choice of five different salads; quinoa, chickpea and pear, grilled peach and arugula, kale salad, summer berry and spinach, classic potato and egg salad, with a parfait bar to finish. Helen demo'd a fresh fruit 'power' green smoothie and a cacao, banana and avocado desert so to say there was enough to eat may just be a slight understatement...

In the end we ran over time and still didn't manage to get in all we'd planned to; I hope because people were enjoying themselves. We certainly had an interactive bunch of attendees and so far all the feedback has been super positive - this may have been our first event together but needless to say it won't be our last!

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  1. Amazing! Great pics and that food sounds heavenly! Can't wait to hopefully be involved in next year :)

    1. Thanks Anna, we could have done with help eating the food, there was that much of it...


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