GMO for beginners!

So we've all heard or seen the acronym GMO bandied about these days...well, haven't we...?

Obviously there are two sides to this story, like any controversial topic, there are those for it and those strongly against it. In the US recently a bill was passed allowing food manufacturers to use GMOs in their products without labelling the fact. Many countries around the world either label GMOs or ban them all together. So are they dangerous or not? I've gathered some undisputed facts together for you to make your own informed choice...

GMO, (also known as GE - Genetically Engineered) stands for Genetically Modified Organism and means one of two things; either the crop itself has been engineered to resist pesticides allowing pesticides to be used with no outwardly obvious harm to the crop. Or, the crop itself has been grown with a pesticide grown into it so that when bugs try to eat the crop, they are poisoned and their stomachs burst, killing them.

The main company involved in producing GMO, (Monsanto) has funded its own research and claims that GMOs are safe and there is no need to test long term effects on humans. Other, more independent research however, shows that GMOs are linked to all sorts of diseases when tested on animals, such as brain damage, cancer, and a multitude of allergies.

Another major issue many have is that cross contamination, (seeds blowing on the wind or being moved be bees) cannot be avoided and that eventually even organic crops may well become affected.

However we look at it, this is currently an unregulated industry where it seems 'the foxes guard the hen houses' and much more research needs to be done before GMOs become all encompassing and irreversible...

For much, much more information on this topic read more here on the Non-GMO Project

And for an entertaining yet informative animation, watch this GMO A Go Go!

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