50 at 50 Exercise Challenge - Contest Winner!

Thanks to everyone who took part in my first Exercise Challenge last month! I felt the love all birthday-month long, as I took a turn into my second half century! We had nearly 150 participants - some keeping up all month long, and others hopping on and off the wagon  - but whatever you did you are ALL rock stars! (but especially Les who did 50 individual planks throughout Day 3!! - doh!)

I've had a blast, and loved seeing your photos and reading your comments!

But what you really want to know is who won the photo contest - right?! We saw lots of great shots and I had lots of favourites so it was tricky to pick - you can see some of the entries here....

But this crazy animal has to take the prize....

Congrats Andy - a spectacular effort with your High Knees exercise on Day 4!! Not sure that workout gear is gonna' catch on though.....I'll be in touch with your $25 iTunes gift card!!

And THANKS AGAIN to everyone who took part!

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