Benefits of Menu Planning

I am a HUGE believer in Meal Planning....My wife convinced me some time back that it was something that 'needed' to be done in our household. I think the thing that held me back for so long was the idea that we had our whole meal planning lives mapped out - and frankly that seemed rather dull and boring and I was clinging onto the youthful desire to be 'spontaneous'. Of course in the end she was right as usual (women generally are - at least you have them believe that you believe this ;-) And what turned it round for me was the promise that we'd have not so much a plan but a weekly menu from which to select each night! That's right - we still meal plan and get all the fabulous benefits which I'm about to share, but we don't state on which days we have which meals - we can choose, and send cutesy text messages to each other during the day at work deciding what we're going to have that evening. Result? - that she thinks she was right all along, and I think that I'm being spontaneous!!

But now on to those benefits I was talking about....

Benefits of Meal Planning
  • You'll save time
    • You'll spend less time each day figuring out your meals - instead just have one session once a week when you plan out everything.
    • You'll spend less time at the grocery store - plan ahead and shop just once a week  - not only do you make less visits to the store the chances are you'll be quicker in store as well with a clear and defined shopping list in hand - no more aimless browsing up and down the aisles searching for inspiration!
  • You'll save money
    • When you have the fresh ingredients in your house for meals you have planned you're less likely to be tempted to go out to eat or buy expensive and less healthy fast food or ready meals
    • When you've planned out your meals and shopped using your list you're far less likely to have wasted food
    • You'll be going to the store less so you'll save yourself gas money for all those little 'I just forgot' trips!
  • You'll be less stressed
    • You won't have that '5 o'clock feeling' of wondering what on earth you're going to cook that night for your family
    • If everyone gets involved in the meal planning then they know what they're having and feel good about having had a say in it - that equals less moaning from the kids about what you put in front of them each night - Amen!
    • You know you've got all the ingredient in to cook the meals you have planned - no more dashing to the store for that missing ingredient
  • You'll eat better, more healthy and balanced meals
    • You have control of WHAT you put in your meals - no additives, excess salt, sugars, GMO ingredients - whatever it is you feel passionate about
    • When you plan you can ensure you have a balanced meal that everyone likes and will eat
    • You can control your portion sizes (And if you've cooked too much there's another bonus - save it and pop it in the fridge or freezer for another day!)

Watch out for a follow-up guest post from my lovely (and always right!) wife when she tells you HOW we meal plan in our household...coming up tomorrow!


  1. Hahahaha: Result? - that she thinks she was right all along, and I think that I'm being spontaneous!!

    I love it! That's brilliant (as is this post).

  2. Glad you're entertained by it all...:-)

  3. I agree! I'm so used to meal planning now that I forget about all the ways I'm benefiting myself and my family by doing it. Happy to pin this:)

    1. I know what you mean; it just becomes a great habit to get into :-)


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