Ten ‘No Brainer’ tips for a healthier, happier life

How's your New Year going so far?

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by all those healthy New Years resolutions disintegrating around you why not get 'back to basics' with these 10 easy tips for a healthier, happier life. You don't need a new year to start following these tips - just dive right in - think of it as your mantra for life in 2013!

  1. Drink more water, eat more vegetables
  2. Do what you’re passionate about – the money will follow
  3. Eat natural foods – nature has been providing for us long before the food industry
  4. Listen to your body – it doesn’t make mistakes
  5. Spend more time outside – dress for the weather and go play
  6. The fewer ingredients in a product the better it is
  7. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated – but treat yourself best of all
  8. Exercise more – when did you last regret doing a workout?
  9. Eat chocolate – raw cacao is one of the best ‘superfoods’ foods on the planet
  10. Question everything – including me!

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