Old Year’s resolutions!

Six useful tips to make sure 2013 is the year you really change your fitness for ever…

Start Early
Why wait until the New Year; there’s still two weeks of December left and that is a serious head start! Some good reasons here… 
  • You’ll be ahead of the game and over the initial aches come Jan 2nd when everyone else is just starting. 
  • You can ‘indulge’ more over the holidays because you’re already working toward a fitter you. This will also have the secondary benefit of making you less likely to go overboard while all around you are letting go until the New Year.
  • You will have far more attention from the trainers, due to the fact that most people will wait until January when the gym staff will be swamped. This will have the roll on effect of them knowing you early and will probably take more interest in you later on.

Start slowly
The biggest mistake most people make when they start a new fitness drive is to go too hard too soon! There’s a reason why most New Year’s ‘fitness’ resolutions fail and this is because people set themselves unrealistic goals. They stop eating anything ‘bad’ and train until near exhaustion every day – right from day one! And yes, they may feel awesome for the first week, month or even longer, but there is a point where it is natural for the body to level out and feel like the improvements have died off. This is precisely the point where most people decide it’s just too much hard work for too little gain and so they go back to their old ways – and stay there. The sure fire trick is to take ‘small steps for big gains’; if you enjoyed burgers and fries before you started out, then there’s a good chance you’ll still enjoy them for a good while to come yet. The same with a lazy day on the sofa… and if this is you, then keep doing it and enjoy it, don’t beat yourself up about it! As long as you’re still making small steps in the right direction you’re far more likely to succeed. Remember – all things in moderation, including moderation…
Coach yourself
Ask yourself these questions;
  • Why did this not work last time I tried it and what can I do different to succeed this time?
  • Am I just looking for a quick fix or do I really intend to change my life for the better here on in? (Hint – only one of these works…) 
  • What happens if I give up this time?
  • If not now, then when?

Set yourself realistic goals
Decide on what you really want to achieve and by when; state your intentions for one month’s time, three months and six months time. Don’t just say something without really thinking about it; ask yourself “can I achieve this in the given time?” It’s a much overused idea but actually visualize your success – how you will look and how you will feel. Save the money you spend on junk food or put a dollar away ever time you workout, and then use that money to treat yourself when you achieve each goal.

Find an accountability buddy
Don’t go it alone! Find someone who will support you through this change, but not someone in your situation! Why not? Because although that person will be a great support while all is going well, what happens when either of you start to fade, where is the support then? Choose someone who is already fit and healthy, the fitter the better! Why? Because they are what you are inspiring to become, they are already there and will be there for you however tough it becomes. They won’t let you down and they won’t let you give up! If you have a ‘super athletic’ boss or senior, tell them your plans and imagine how you’d feel if you later have to tell them that you’ve given up! Virtually all super fit people love to encourage others to be more like them and no, they won’t belittle or patronize you - consider it free coaching!
State your intentions in the comments section below and I promise to support you through thick and thin…
You can do anything for twenty minutes!
Still not sure you can do it? Make a list of ten things, (seriously, any ten things!) you’ve achieved in your life so far. Now compare any one of those achievements with a twenty minute workout, doesn’t seem so tough now does it…?

I leave you with one last thought;
In a year from now, will you wish you’d started today???

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